Training: Leveraged Buyout Models

A case study based training session on how to build a leveraged buyout model.

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This training focused on the steps required to create an LBO model.

In this training session we cover:

  • Private Equity Case Studies
  • Assumptions and Setup
  • Modifying the Income Statement
  • Adjusting the Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement
  • Debt Schedules
  • Calculating Investor Returns

Private Equity Interview Case Study

Complete the 3-statement model (download below) of J. Crew using the assumptions in the XLS file. And then check your work against the “Completed” Excel file.

Then, in Part 2, complete the LBO model with the second set of files.

Case Study Files

Case Study Part 1 File in Excel

Case Study Part 1 File – Completed

Case Study Part 2 File in Excel

Case Study Part 2 File – Completed

The Training Video

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