Job Search Digest provides private equity training online for its members. Recordings or slide shows of those sessions can be found here.

The Job Search Process

How to Apply to Jobs Online – the RIGHT Way
When you are looking for a new job, it is very tempting to try and find shortcuts in the process. One of the most tempting options is to click the “apply now” button when you find a job posting you are interested in. However, that would be a big mistake. In fact, even if that position is a good fit for you, you may have just thrown away your chance for an interview. Learn why and what to do about it.

How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes on LinkedIn
You say you’ve been on LinkedIn for years and, although LinkedIn ranked your profile “expert” or “all star,” you aren’t really getting a lot of value from your presence there. Maybe you are making the most common mistakes on LinkedIn and it’s hurting your chances of landing an interview? In this session we cover the top mistakes and how to correct them.

How to Break Into Private Equity
Is it possible to break into the private equity and venture capital industries if you are coming from outside these industries? We often get questions around this topic, so we did a live webinar to cover this topic in detail. This video, reserved for our Premium members, covers switching industries or breaking into an private equity without direct investment experience. In this private equity training session we discuss the state of the industry, compensation levels, required skills and the type of private equity job interview questions to expect.

What to Expect in Your Interviews
If you get your resume tuned up and land the interview, the next step is to be ready for the face to face interview. This training session focuses on the “soft side” interviewing skills.

How to Network During the Holidays
Firms who need investment professionals in early January will not slow their efforts in late December. So, while your competition is distracted and not energized in their job search, you can double your odds of landing an interview bake taking advantage of real social networking opportunities. Learn how in this training session.

Preparing for Private Equity Interviews
Preparing for a private equity job interview is simple, right? Well, some of the steps are simple but many of them are not easy to do right and how well prepared you are for your interview directly impacts your chance of landing the job. This training covers several key points to ensure that when the time for your private equity job interview comes, you will be prepared.

5 Private Equity Job Search Strategies
In this private equity training session, we show you how to kick off your private equity job search the right way with 5 actionable strategies.

Private Equity Resumes and Cover Letters

Writing an Effective Resume
What is needed to write a highly effective resume? This video training covers the importance of a resume in the job hunt, mistakes most people make, and what resume formats are acceptable to investment firms (including length of your resume).

Financial Resumes – Extreme Makeover Edition
An online training session for Job Search Digest members that provided real time feedback on real life resumes submitted by members. This session used actual resumes, member feedback and the opinion of a professional resume writer to provide an excellent learning session.

How to Write Private Equity Cover Letters
Private equity cover letters need to be specific to the firm you are contacting. You cannot use a form cover letter approach. It will not get you hired. In this training session, we show several key points to creating a successful private equity cover letter.

Private Equity Resumes
A private equity training session that delves into the art and science of private equity resumes. This Premium training session is structured to discuss the more important items on a private equity resume, what to include, what to leave off, common mistakes and how to make your resume stand out from the crowd.

Financial Modeling

How to Build Merger Models
A hands on session on how to build a merger model in Excel. This private equity training walks you through the steps to build a merger model, what to consider, assumptions made and challenges in the process.

Advanced Merger Models
In this case study based training on we analyze Intel’s $7.6 billion acquisition of McAfee. This was one deal that had a lot of financial analysts scratching their heads and wondering, “What was Intel thinking?” It will challenge you and deepen your understanding of mergers and acquisitions, giving you a leg up in your job interviews.

How to Build LBO Models
A premium private equity training session explaining the steps required to create an Excel-based LBO model from scratch. It lays out case studies assumptions, modifying the income statement, adjusting the balance sheet and cash flow statements, debt schedules, and calculating ROI.

Valuation Models
This private equity training session covers the steps of building a valuation model. It also discusses finding market comps and the impact of public market swings. This training is case study based, which deepens your understanding of the valuation process.