How to Prepare for a Hedge Fund Job Interview

If you have landed a hedge fund job interview, congratulations! You have reached an important step in the process that many in the hedge fund jobs market struggle to get to.

When preparing for your interview, you want to ensure you cover all your bases. There are some basic tactics you need to get right and some things that you may not have thought about before.

This recorded webinar program describes a comprehensive approach to being fully prepared for your hedge fund job interview.

In this training we cover how to:

  • Prepare for the interview to ensure success
  • Practice so that you sound smooth and not rehearsed
  • Follow up with the interviewers without being overbearing

If your resume and cover letter need some work and you would like the assistance of a career professional to improve not only your process of preparing for the interview but actually landing your hedge fund job, you can take advantage of the the partnership we developed with a professional career coaching firm to provide a no charge phone consultation.

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