Network During the Holidays

Have you ever heard that recruiting slows down in December? That, because there are holiday parties, end-of-the-year budgeting cycles, and vacations all going on, no real work is getting done in December? Some say that during the holidays people are so distracted you should just wait until January to ramp up your job search efforts again.

Don’t believe it. Not even for a minute.

Firms who need investment professionals to hit the ground running in January don’t slow down their efforts at year end. In fact, they might have a big push to get the talent on board before Jan 1. So, while your competition is unplugged, if you are proactive, you can double your odds of landing an interview and securing an offer.

While other candidates are too “busy” with family festivities and holiday parties to be serious about their job search, you could be using these events to your advantage. But how? Let us show you….

In this video we share the most important lessons you must know to Successfully Network During the Holidays.

  • Learn how to make connections with people, familiar or new acquaintances, without scaring them away!
  • Likely scenarios for holiday interactions and how to handle them.
  • Getting your family and friends to build your network for you.
  • A step by step method for meeting someone new and developing a reason to follow up.

Our presenter is Pam Lassiter, author of “The New Job Security” and principal of Lassiter Consulting, a firm that provides career services to companies and individuals worldwide. Her clients include Fortune 100 companies as well as start-up and venture firms. Lassiter makes appearances on regional and national television and radio programs. Her articles on career management appear in many business publications including Fast Company, Fortune, The Financial Times, Bloomberg radio, Financial News Network and CFO.