Hedge Fund Job Search Strategies

In this hedge fund training session, we demonstrate specific strategies to help get your hedge fund job search off on the right foot.

Learn how to set the right direction for your career change up front. We discuss your hedge fund job search approach how to leverage that search in to long term career success.

What you can take away from this hedge fund training…

  • How to avoid a mistake people make when they finally get in front of the key decision maker.
  • How “losing opportunities” can be a great asset in your hedge fund job search.
  • The types of networks that are the most valuable asset in your job search.

Pam Lassiter, author of “The New Job Security”, is the presenter in this hedge fund training session. Ms. Lassiter is the founder of Lassiter Consulting, a career coaching firm that provides executive-level services to Fortune 100 companies as well as start-up firms.

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