Landing Hedge Fund Jobs & Managing Your Career

Hedge fund jobs provide great challenge, a chance to learn the ins and outs trading and finance, and develop analytic skills that are useful in any business field. Competition within the hedge fund industry is intense. The challenges found when seeking a hedge fund job is only matched by the challenge of continuing to earn the position after your join the firm.

This collection of hedge fund career advice will help you be more successful in your job search process.

Hedge Fund Careers Guide

This Hedge Fund Careers Guide is a Premium Member exclusive that will help you familiarize yourself with the industry, better understand trading strategies, find the right opportunity, prepare your resume, and improve the effectiveness of your job search.

Hedge Fund Compensation

The hedge fund isn’t as alternative as it once was. The new regulatory environment is increasing the transparency and operational complexity of the industry. Despite these changes personal earnings are on the rise and the top hedge fund managers receive compensation in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Our Hedge Fund Compensation Survey results will equip you with the information you need to make informed career decisions.

Top 12 Cities for Hedge Fund Jobs

What are the best cities in the world for hedge fund jobs? To find the optimal city for a career in hedge funds, you have to look at local economies and infrastructure, costs of living, culture and quality of life issues, and many other factors. We survey of the 12 best cities for a career in hedge funds.

Working with Recruiters to Get a Hedge Fund Job

Research shows that a large number of jobs are filled by executive recruiters. You need to build your own network of recruiter contacts. This article will discuss why hedge fund firms hire recruiters, how recruiters differ, and setting realistic goals.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Hedge Fund Job

Your cover letter serves as a first impression with an employer. The person screening cover letters will spend very little time with yours, so getting your message right is critical to your job search. This article will help you craft a cover letter that hits the mark every time.

Overview of the Industry and a Hedge Fund Definition

A discussion defining hedge funds and what drives hedge fund job opportunities. Also discusses SEC rules regarding investor solicitation for hedge fund investments.

The Risks and Rewards in Hedge Fund Jobs

The areas of financial modeling, trading, market analysis, and portfolio management are fields still in need of talented minds, and the hedge fund industry rewards talent well. Consider closely all of the risks and rewards before launching on a path towards a hedge fund job.

How the Firm’s Structure Impacts Hedge Fund Job Opportunities

There are different ways to structure a hedge fund. The hedge fund team is made up of professionals including: analysts, traders, partners and more. Learn more about how a hedge fund is structured and the different hedge fund job opportunities.

Fees and Hedge Fund Compensation

Hedge fund jobs can be very lucrative- high performance equals high compensation. Management fees and profit share (aka, carry) combine to make hedge fund careers some of the highest paid of any in the financial industry. High base salaries plus attractive incentives equal high demand for hedge fund careers but how do the fees work? Find out more about hedge fund fees and their impact on compensation.