Job Search Digest provides online hedge fund training webinars for its members. Recordings or slide shows of those sessions can be found here.

Hedge Fund Resumes and Cover Letters

Writing a Killer Resume
Learn what is needed to create an effective resume. This session discusses the importance of a resume, common resume mistakes (and how to avoid them), and the different resume formats available.

Financial Resume Reviews
A recording of an online session that provided real time feedback on real life resumes. This session used real financial resumes, audience participation and the feedback of a certified resume writer to provide an excellent learning opportunity.

Hedge Fund Cover Letters
Every cover letter you send should be specific to the hedge fund firm your are contacting. Your letter should demonstrate that you know what the firm is seeking by speaking to their specific needs. This video demonstrates several key points in creating successful hedge fund cover letters.

Hedge Fund Resumes
A Premium-only hedge fund training class where members send in financial resumes to be reviewed by a professional resume writer. This Premium-only session includes the essential pieces of hedge fund resumes and what to do to get your resume noticed.

Financial Modeling

Although M&A is mostly thought of as a Private Equity or Investment Banking topic, many of our Hedge Fund members have expressed interest in our financial modeling training sessions.

Building Merger Models
This video training covers how to develop a merger model and is helpful in that you might be asked about trading stocks in companies who are involved in a merger and what is the expected impact on share price. This hedge fund training session discusses Earnings Per Share (EPS), Accretion/ Dilution and other considerations in potential mergers and acquisitions.

Advanced Merger Models
In this case study based training on we analyze Intel’s $7.6 billion acquisition of McAfee. This was one deal that had a lot of financial analysts scratching their heads and wondering, “What was Intel thinking?” It will challenge you and deepen your understanding of mergers and acquisitions.

Valuation Process
Valuation has become more important to many hedge funds. Proposed acquisitions can impact the stock price of a public shares and understanding the elements of deal valuation can help in your hedge fund job interview. In this hedge fund training session, we cover valuations; a case study of a deal that didn’t happen… but should have (at least from the shareholder’s perspective).

The Hedge Fund Job Search Process

How to Apply to Online Job Postings
Why is it that 99 percent of people say they have applied to a job online and then never heard back? Well, the problem is not with the job posting, the problem is with the approach. In this training session we discuss why you should avoid trying to tak the easy way out and clicking the apply now button.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make on LinkedIn
Some people have been on LinkedIn for a very long time. In fact, LinkedIn even refers to them as an “All Star.” Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that there are some pretty common BIG mistakes that people make that hurts their chance of ever landing the interview. We cover them here in this training.

Preparing for Your Interview
Many people focus on their resume and cover letter to get the hedge fund interview but that’s where the preparation stops. Preparing for your interview can be the difference.

Hedge Fund Job Search Strategies
In this hedge fund training session, we demonstrate specific strategies to help get your hedge fund job search off on the right foot. You will learn how to avoid a common mistake people make, why “losing opportunities” can be a great asset in your hedge fund job search and the types of networks that are the most valuable to you.

How to Prepare for a Hedge Fund Job Interview
Now that you landed your hedge fund job interview, don’t waste the opportunity. When preparing for your interview, there are some basic tactics you need to get right and some things that you may not have thought about before. This training session describes a comprehensive approach to being fully prepared for your hedge fund job interview.

Network During the Holidays
Have you ever heard that recruiting slows down in December? Some say that during the holidays people are so distracted you should just wait until January to ramp up your job search efforts again. Don’t believe it. Not even for a minute.

Getting into Private Equity
Are you interested in either switching industries or breaking into private equity or venture capital? Switching industries is definitely more involved than just moving from one hedge fund firm to another. So, how do you do that when you are competing against private equity candidates who already know the industry and what to expect? This training session will help you understand what is involved in the private equity hiring process.