Investment Banking Career Advice

Job Search Digest provides you with Investment Banking job resources that will help you find an opportunity, prepare your resume, prepare for a successful interview and complete your own due diligence on the hiring bank. Here are articles that will start you off on the right foot.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Investment Banking Jobs

Your cover letter serves as a first impression with an employer. The manager in charge of screening applications will spend very little time with your cover letter, so getting it right is critical to your job search. This article will help you craft a cover letter that will start your job search on the right foot.

A Primer on Investment Banking Jobs

This basic primer on Investment Banking jobs gives you insight on the compensation levels and common titles found at an investment bank. Know the lay of the land before your start your job search.

Overview of the Investment Banking Industry

A discussion of the how investment banks differ from commercial banks, their role in capital markets and the structure of investment bank divisions.

Top 10 Investment Banking Job Interview Questions

Go into an investment banking job interview prepared with a list of commonly asked questions. Increase your confidence by doing your homework and being ready to respond to the toughest questions that aim to judge your analytical skills and your attitude towards risk.

How to Prepare for Investment Banking Job Interviews

An investment banking job interview is an accomplishment in itself and you don’t want to waste this opportunity. Prove your merit and convince the interviewer that you have what it takes to hit the ground running in this competitive industry.

Networking in the Investment Banking Industry

Networking is important for both the bank and the job candidate. Most hiring managers prefer to hire people who have been recommended by somebody they trust. This is why networking is such a powerful part of the job search process.

Top Investment Banking Firms in New York City

A summary of some of the leading investment banks in New York City. These firms are among the top investment banks according to the league tables and provide excellent investment banking job opportunities.