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Your site is one of the more pertinent tools I am using for my search.

New Providence, NJ

Please note that I am extremely happy with your services. You guys have the best database for jobs for hedge funds and private equity anywhere.

San Mateo, CA

I have thoroughly enjoyed the webinar yesterday and continued to be impressed with the listing of jobs in my field. I hope to be offered a position via your job search website.

New York, NY

While I inevitably received an offer through a recruiter directly, I am 100% convinced that your site helped provide introductions that in turn helped generate market chatter for me as a candidate. I have and will recommend your product to others.

Charlotte, NC

You have a great website, and I will rejoin in the future.

New York, NY

Thanks. I really enjoyed the programs you all put on. They are timely and thoughtful.

Seattle, WA

The position I accepted was originally posted on Job Search Digest more than a year ago. I got to know the firm and the timing wasn’t right for me to make a move. As they raised a new fund I was on the “short list” and managed to secure the offer.

Chicago, IL

…your service has definitely helped me to see what kind of options are out there and get in touch with some recruiters, and without having to sort through multiple websites.

New York, NY

I have found Job search digest more than a job board – having used the service twice….

Des Moines, IA

Thank you for your quick reply. I am really grateful…. If any needs arise in the future, I will subscribe to your service again.

Tokyo, Japan


We are very pleased with the quality of responses we have received … We have received a great response to our ad on Job Search Digest, and feel that we have enough resumes to carefully consider for the position.

New York, NY

I am very pleased with the response that we received to our posting. We received approximately 10 responses. But out of these, 5 were highly desirable and qualified candidates, with which we are continuing the employment process….

New York, NY

Resumes we got from Job Search Digest were good. Almost 90% serious (qualified).

New York, NY

We have received a number of qualified candidates from your service. We have interviewed three people so far. Thank you.

New York, NY

We’ve been inundated with candidate responses and for that, we are appreciative. We have interviewed two MBA candidates and now have selected one to extend an offer to that we believe will accept. The overall quality of the candidates is very strong.

La Jolla, CA

Thanks for your help with posting this job opportunity. Please contact me to discuss how compensation information will be shared and/or communicated with potential applicants. We usually keep this information confidential. Many thanks!

Boston, MA

I have posted on your website a private equity job for Los Angeles, CA, and received many high quality resumes. Thank you for your service.

Los Angeles, CA


The latest distribution increased response ten fold. I was inundated on Monday and Tuesday of this week and actually have found three excellent candidates…. Again, I appreciate all of your continued help.

Los Angeles, CA

YES, the candidate has been found through Job Search Digest. She got her offer yesterday and will hopefully sign it today! … I had approx. 20 candidates, which were in general very senior and highly qualified people … Excellent tool….

Geneva, Switzerland

I believe it is important to stay abreast of what is going on across industries – I recommend it to all my clients.

Charlotte, NC

I have received 11 resumes, 7 will be selected as candidates. I’ve personally interviewed everyone by phone as a first contact. We will schedule the first face-to-face interviews next Tuesday. Thank you very much. Great service!

Geneva, Switzerland

I was impressed with the way you conducted your search and will recommend and use you guys again.

Miami, FL

Thanks again. You folks should be commended for your sincere & professional customer service.

Roseland, NJ

I wanted to thank you for the postings. I have received several viable candidates from the postings.

New York, NY

I would like to emphasize how pleased I was with the response to my advertisement. I received about ten responses, all of them legitimate, tailored to the position I was looking to fill.

Denver, CO

I do not usually post my open positions to job boards, however, I love your site and filled a similar role for this client with a candidate that came through jobsearchdigest. There’s not an overwhelming amount of respondents, but those that do respond are