Leading Investment Banking Firms in New York

Below is a list of some of the leading investment banks in New York City. These firms are among the top ten investment banks on the basis of total revenues (according to the league tables issued by FT.com) and provide excellent investment banking job opportunities.

JP Morgan Chase

The company, which acquired Bear Stearns, is a leading global financial services firm, with assets of over $1 trillion and operations in more than 60 countries. The firm is a leader in investment banking, financial services for consumers, small business and commercial banking, financial transaction processing, asset management and private equity. JP Morgan Chase is consistently ranked at the top of the investment banking firms and is a leader in global syndication of loans, leveraged loans, equity and equity-related products. The firm is also the second-largest asset based lender in the US, besides being the best overall bank for cash management in North America.

Goldman Sachs & Company

This firm, founded in 1869, is considered one of the most prestigious firms when in comes to investment banking jobs. Goldman Sachs acts as a financial advisor and money manager for corporations, governments and wealthy families across the globe. Goldman Sachs offers its clients M&A advisory and underwriting services and engages in proprietary trading and private equity deals. It is a primary dealer in the US Treasury securities market. The firm is ranked amongst the 20 most admired US companies on the grounds of innovation, people management, use of corporate assets, social responsibility, quality of management, financial soundness, long-term investment and quality of products and services.


The firm’s investment banking arm is Citi Markets and Banking. Known for its significant global reach, Citigroup boasts offices in every major city around the world. In the league tables, the firm is typically ranked in the top five. Among the top ten companies in the Fortune 500 list, Citigroup is the largest bank by revenues. The firm is a primary dealer in the US Treasuries segment.

Merrill Lynch & Co

Founded in 1914, Merrill Lynch & Co is a leading wealth management, capital markets and advisory firm, with offices in 40 countries and total client assets worth over $1 trillion. The firm’s vast brokerage network has enabled it to grow in leaps and bounds and emerge as a significant player in the financial services segment. Merrill Lynch owns nearly half of BlackRock, one of the world’s largest publicly traded investment management companies.


Headquartered in Zurich and Basel, UBS continues to be a leading global wealth manager, top tier investment banking and securities firm and one of the largest global asset managers. The firm has been adjudged as the number one Pan-European Brokerage Firm for Equity and Equity Linked Research for eight consecutive years. UBS has also topped the Thomson Exten survey list of firms for equity and equity linked sales, trading and execution for seven years in a row. The firm’s sales force has been ranked the best in Asia, beating Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

Morgan Stanley

The company is a leading global alternative asset manager and provider of financial advisory services listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Morgan Stanley’s total assets under management are over $100 billion. Founded in 1935, the firm operates in three segments, namely Institutional Securities, Global Wealth Management Group and Asset Management. Morgan Stanley has continually broken new ground in advising clients on strategic transactions, in pioneering the global expansion of finance and capital markets, and in providing new opportunities for individual and institutional investors.

The Blackstone Group

Headquartered in New York, Blackstone Group is a leading global alternative asset manager and provider of financial advisory services, with total assets under management of over $100 billion. The firm is a leader in private equity investment and has successfully diversified into hedge funds, distressed debt, asset management and real estate.

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