Hedge Fund Compensation

Hedge Fund Compensation Report

The annual Hedge Fund Jobs Digest Compensation Reports are based on surveys designed to capture valuable compensation information directly from those involved in the hedge fund industry. Over the years, we have surveyed many hedge fund portfolio managers, analysts, traders, CFO’s, COO’s, risk managers and others from hedge fund firms, both large and small.

Here we summarize the results of the hedge fund surveys to include some of the hedge fund earnings data and other findings. In the Hedge Fund Compensation Report you will find large ranges of earnings by title because in the hedge fund industry there is no standard compensation plan or role definition. Traditionally, there are 3 drivers to hedge fund compensation: experience, performance of the fund and size of the fund (although, as the data shows, bigger is not always better).

Hedge Fund Compensation Report

After more than a decade of publishing the Hedge Fund Compensation Report, this year we took a different approach, one that focuses on broad metrics that repeat year after year, as opposed to year-over-year comparisons which offer readers a much narrower scope. These time-tested observations will better serve our goal of conveying the manner in which trends have shaped compensation in the industry.

Get more details on this and other valuable compensation data, including extensive charts & graphs, in the hedge fund compensation report.


The Hedge Fund Compensation Report will be of interest to both industry insiders and those looking to break into the industry.

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