Bain Capital

Firm Overview

Bain Capital, LLC, founded in 1984, was originally formed as a venture capital and leveraged buyout fund by partners from the Bain & Company consulting firm, including Mitt Romney, T. Coleman Andrews III, and Eric Kriss.

Beginning with $37 million in private investments at the inception of the firm, Bain Capital now manages approximately $80 billion in assets under management. Bain Capital offers a management and advisement approach that is based on the three core principles of Partnership and Personal Commitment, a Value-Added Approach, and the Utilization of Institutional Advantage.

The principals of the firm are the largest investors in all of the funds managed by the firm, and Bain Capital’s investment professionals work proactively with partnered companies to provide support for acquisition development programs, corporate capital restructuring, scaleable expansions designed to leverage competitive advantages, and earnings improvement strategies.

Notable investments and purchases include office supply retailer Staples, Inc., fast food franchising corporation Burger King, Burlington Coat Factory, the music conglomerate Warner Music Group, the media and broadcast corporation Clear Channel Communications, music supply retailer Guitar Center, Domino’s Pizza, and The Weather Channel.

Bain Capital Salary Data and Employee Reviews

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