Job Opportunity

Junior Software Developer

Hong Kong

Job Summary

Hedge Fund is seeking a Junior Software Developer. Experience with AWS and/or Azure public cloud services is desired. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or an equivalent degree with software development experience is required.



* Be supervised by a senior development professional and the RTB team lead, both of whom have extensive expertise in the financial business and in the use of technology
* Create solutions that help all aspects of the company
* Whether on-premises or in the cloud, build and deploy system improvements, scripts, tools, and APIs to production
* The majority of the enhancements will focus on monitoring integrations, automated recoveries, and work flow optimization
* Interact with end-users and the development community on a daily basis
* Gain an understanding of the various technologies in our stack (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ActiveMQ, gRPC, Kafka, Kotlin, Python, C#, React, and so on), as well as how to develop software to a professional quality
* Gain knowledge on how to maintain a stable and secure environment
* Gain an understanding of how a hedge fund functions


* Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or an equivalent degree with software development experience is required
* System administration experience at a financial institution with growth capabilities of up to 3 years. Applicants who will be graduating in 2021 and have worked in the financial sector are encouraged to apply
* Experience with object oriented programming in at least one of the following languages: Kotlin, Java, C#, or Python. Strong suit is web development, particularly with React
* Experience with AWS and/or Azure public cloud services is desired
* Ability to operate under duress in order to produce value in the face of real-world limitations
* Confident in technical communication and willing to explore different methods and best practices
* Takes the effort to seek out better long-term solutions while sticking to short-term ones
* English proficiency is required, as is the ability to communicate complex concepts clearly to a non-technical audience vocally or in writing

About The Company:

* A distinctive work culture that balances autonomy and high performance with cooperation and mutual respect
* A meritocratic, results-oriented society in which accomplishments and outcomes are rewarded
* A flat structure in which everyone has access to everything in the company
* High-performance atmosphere that is intellectually stimulating
* A laid-back but productive work environment
* Located in Hong Kong, Asia’s leading financial centre

Competitive Rewards & Benefits:

* A complete compensation approach to incentives, which includes a basic pay, a signing bonus, and the possibility of a discretionary performance bonus. Top tier medical and dental insurance for employees and their dependents
* Insurance for life and business trips
* Annual leave, work-from-home possibilities
* Based in Hong Kong, a low tax regime

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  • Min Education: BA/BS
  • Min Experience: None