Hedge Fund Sales Jobs

Hedge fund managers rely on the sales team to generate interest and help raise funds. For this reason, hedge fund sales people must be highly-skilled in developing trust and building relationships. The educational background varies, but it is common to see hedge fund sales jobdescriptions requiring a solid sales track record and a degree from a well-respected university.

A handful of Hedge Fund Sales Jobs

  • C++ or Java Core Software Engineer | New York, NY
  • Full-stack JavaScript Engineer | New York, NY
  • Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer | London, UK
  • Quant Strategist/ Analyst | New York, NY
  • Data Engineer | Singapore, SG
  • Technical Operations Engineer | New York, NY
  • Compliance Manager | Hong Kong, HK
  • Regulatory Compliance Associate | Boston, MA
  • DevOps Engineer | New York, NY
  • IT Support Engineer | London, UK

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