New York Private Equity Jobs

Landing New York Private Equity Jobs takes both financial and relationship skills. Private equity jobs provide challenge and the opportunity for big earnings, with the median compensation package for experienced team members well over $225,000 and many partners earning several million annually. A Private Equity Career in New York City is a solid alternative career to a typical Wall Street position.

New York City, one of the leading financial hubs worldwide, is a primary source of Private Equity Jobs. The challenge when seeking private equity jobs is being well prepared for the interview and offer process. Job Search Digest provides you with job resources that will help you find an opportunity, develop your resume, and prepare for interviews.

A Sample of New York Private Equity Jobs in Our Database

  • Analyst / Associate - Investor Relations, Private Equity | New York, NY
  • Vice President | New York, NY
  • Principal - Private Equity | Baltimore, MD | New York, NY
  • Analyst / Associate - Fundraising, Private Markets | New York, NY
  • Director - Fund Accounting | New York, NY
  • AVP - Valuations & Analytics, Private Equity | New York, NY
  • Sr. Associate Attorneys - Private Equity | New York, NY
  • Fund Accountant | Syracuse, NY
  • Analyst - Private Equity | New York, NY
  • Associate | New York, NY


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