Private Equity Compensation 2022

Private Equity Compensation Report

For the past 15 years, we have published this report based on our in-depth surveys with professionals in the private equity and venture capital industry. We identify current compensation trends and job satisfaction factors and report them to you.

This year’s report includes actual data from hundreds of partners and employees representing several hundred private equity and venture capital firms. We polled respondents in October and November 2021, and asked questions designed to uncover a variety of factors related to compensation.

The 2022 Private Equity and Venture Capital Compensation Report summarizes our findings and answers questions such as:

• What are the compensation levels and ranges by title?
• How does fund size and performance affect pay?
• What is the balance between base salaries and bonus payouts?
• How are bonuses calculated and when are they paid out?
• Which titles earn the most and how has their compensation changed?
• Who is sharing in carry and at what levels?
• What are the primary drivers of carry participation?

The report also seeks to understand how private equity and venture capital professionals perceive their work, their pay and their job security. Where possible, we offer insights from the industry and our experience. However, the focus of this report is data collected directly from private equity and venture capital professionals.

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Again this year’s compensation report is primarily made up of responses from North America.

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