California Venture Capital Jobs

San Francisco area is a metropolitan city of over 800,000 people and is known for its diverse communities. San Francisco is also the financial focal point of the West Coast and home to many venture capital and private equity firms. With it’s huge population and diverse industry base, L.A. also provides plenty of financial job opportunities.

Landing California Venture Capital Jobs takes operational, financial and relationship skills. Venture Capital jobs provide great challenge and a chance to earn huge income, with the average compensation package for experienced team members over $247,000 and many partners earning several million each year. The challenge when seeking Venture Capital jobs is not only finding the opportunity but also being well prepared. The private equity and venture capital industries continue to evolve and Job Search Digest provides you with the necessary resources to help you find an opportunity, create your resume, and prepare for a successful interview.

A Sample of California Venture Capital Jobs in Our Database

  • Sr. Accountant - Private Equity | San Francisco, CA
  • Associate Counsel - Venture Finance | San Francisco, CA
  • VP - Finance | San Francisco, CA
  • Analyst - Investment | San Francisco, CA | Seattle, WA | New York, NY
  • Investor - Venture Capital | San Francisco, CA

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