Looking at Mergers and Acquisitions Trends

July 6, 2021

Around this time of year we like to take a stroll back at Datasite’s recent information, offering observers a view of the state of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) across the U.S. How do things look? Well, here’s a look. M&A Activity, 2018 – 2021 Q1 The first view is M&A activity from 2018 to the […]

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Where do top performing VCs invest early?

June 22, 2021

Private equity data provider Pitchbook is out with a new Emerging Tech Indicator (ETI) that offers a fascinating view of which startups that have received seed- and early-stage investments from top-performing venture capital (VC) firms. Overall, Pitchbook tracked 171 startups that received from 15 top-performing VC firms. Here’s a look at the new data. ETI […]

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The Amazing Picture of the European VC World

June 8, 2021

The European investing world has been through some rollercoaster years. Through the first quarter of 2021, how are things looking for the famed European venture capital (VC) investing world? Here’s a look. Angel and Seed Pre-Money Valuations The first view on European VC world is Pitchbook’s angel and seed pre-money valuations through the first quarter […]

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The American Employment Picture in 5 Views

May 25, 2021

Every now and then, it makes sense to take a broad view of the economic picture. Here’s a look at the American employment picture in five views. Total Employment The American employment base has been through some amazing ups and downs. Interestingly, the two most violet movements occurred with the past two – the housing […]

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Looking at some private equity benchmark views

May 10, 2021

It always pays dividends to peek at updated data out of private equity data provider Pitchbook. This month’s benchmark views are no different. Here are some interesting views on private equity benchmarks according to Pitchbook’s May 6th, 2021 release. Internal Rate of Returns by Vintage The first view is of internal rate of returns (IRRs) […]

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A Very Healthy Start to 2021 Private Equity

April 27, 2021

Heading into 2021, some analysts were expecting private equity to see a letdown. The thinking goes that the industry as a whole did incredibly well over the course of the pandemic, and as such, is due for a post-pandemic slowdown. Based upon the first quarter of 2021’s results, this view appears to be headed to […]

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Looking at the Change in Value of the Top 20 Venture Capital-Backed Companies

April 12, 2021

In a fascinating look at the performance of the top 20 venture capital-backed companies, Pitchbook recently provided us with a view of how the top 20 companies have performed from 2019 to 2021. The Top 10 Before looking, take a guess at the which companies you think would show up on top of the list? […]

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Looking at Pitchbook’s Brand New Barometer

March 29, 2021

Asset returns of financial equities depend upon many factors that often get missed when looking at a single figure. These factors capture underlying relationships between economies and markets and the simultaneous change in asset prices. The list of factors includes, among others, interest rates, inflation, and economic growth. The best of analysts can find the […]

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Thinking About Where Market Exits Are Going in 2021

March 15, 2021

With an amazing, sad, crazy, and unprecedented year behind us, the private equity world is looking at 2021 for a boost in activity. Before looking at the 2021 picture, what was the exit activity like in 2020? Let’s have a look. Global Median PE Exit Size by Type The first look is at the global […]

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How Did Financial Employment Do In 2020 Compared To The Other Industries?

March 2, 2021

The American jobs market went through a rollercoaster year in 2020. Leading up to March, forecasters had 2020 on track to be one of the greatest jobs markets on record. Then COVID hit. Unemployment claims soared through the roof. The American economy saw the largest jump in unemployment on record. Forecasters saw a prolonged shutdown […]

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