Venture Capital Job Interview Question – The Rocket

March 25, 2008

RocketSometimes Venture Capital Job interview questions are meant to test the logic of the candidate. Here is one that has been used successfully in the past and getting it right could take you to new heights!

A test rocket is released when it is 96 feet from the ground. The rocket rises 3 feet, then falls 6 feet, then is boosted 12 feet, then falls 24 feet, and so on.

If each rise or fall of 3 feet takes 1 second, in how many seconds will the rocket hit the ground?

Pay attention to the travel cycles. If for every 3 feet up, it goes 6 feet down, the net travel is -3 feet. In the last up/down cycle – you need to calculate total distance and divide by 3.

So, 202 is the right answer. I admit I did not get it right the first time. I finally got it by drawing the pattern and counting distance traveled.

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